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The last couple of months I have been considering to abandon Swedish in my blog, in honor of the great bloggers out there who inspire me, and the readers who have encouraged me to develop both my writing and my craftsmanship. I wish to have contact with other reenacters and bloggers internationally, and this is a step in that direction. 

The greatest con about changing language is that I'll loose some of my edge, that I've so forth been taking pride in. But hopefully I'll learn and eventually get better at writing in English. I'm sorry to say that I have trouble to keep my texts short and since I don't have the time to write in both Swedish and English, this will have to do for now.

One of the bloggers who are inspiring me the most is Sarah; "A Most Peculiar Mademoiselle". In late September and then again in October she rewarded me with a couple of these "bloggers award's" that seems to be going around. Thank you, Sarah! :-) I was so honored by this, but I haven't had time to think about what to do with the awards or how to answer upon them. Only recently I realized that I'd better do it in English if there is to be a point with it, since all the bloggers I wish to award in my turn already write in English (and in Swedish).

The first award that I got was:

The goal of the award is to spotlight up and coming bloggers who currently have less than 200 followers.

I'm proud and happy to be one of Sarah's five picks for this one, but since she has put me in quite a situation by awarding me twice, I'll be disobedient to the rules of this first award and go by the second one... ;-) This is the one I will pass on, for "Exellence in Historical Costuming and Bloggery":

Sarahs motivation for me was as follows:

- Idas Hantverk – only in Swedish, (Ha! Inte längre! / Not any more! ;-P) but if you ever saw a person skilled in many areas, she’s one of them. Making mostly medieval outfits, she doesn’t limit herself to sewing or weaving, but does various kinds of metal work as well to complete her outfits. 

The coolest thing with this award, just as with the first, is to be mentioned together with other great bloggers and crafters such as Neulakko and Mikael with his Historisk dräkt och Hantverk

 Now, when receiving the award you must post:
  • Five things you love about historical costuming (That will have to wait a bit, for a post of its own.)
  •  A link back to the blogger who awarded you the Duchie
  •  List at least three blogs to pass the Duchie Award onto 

I'm proud to pass the Duchie Award onto....

Martina is one of my oldest friends in reenactment and also one of my first teachers in textile handcraft. She was the first person I met when I arrived at Bäckedal 2001 to study textile crafts. She was my classmate and neighbor. Martina must only have thought of me as a hopelessly restless and chocolate-stealing teenager back then, while I secretly admired her knowledge and skill about everything I wanted to know and learn. I was so proud and happy when she welcomed me to Carnis last spring! Today I discovered that she has been blogging since Battle Of Wisby, and I felt like a child on Christmas eve! I'm sure that any reader of my blog will enjoy hers, as much as I do.

It may seem a bit strange for an amateur like me to award someone who is an expert in his or her area, but I still want to mention Peter (who works as the editor of an Historical magazine, is an archeologist and one of the driving forces behind Battle of Wisby). Recently Peter has been blogging about breaking new ground, taking reenactment and living history to the next level for his group Albrehcts Bössor. I want to spread the word about his recent writings now when I have a chance. And as he's proven himself as a man of great projects, I cant help wondering what will come out of this? ;-) (BtW - If you check his blog out and like what he is writing about sociocultural reenactment, don't miss the comments on the posts, at the lest I myself find them super interesting!)

Fia-Li is a new friend of mine since this last summers adventures at BoW, and thanks to Facebook we've been able to stay in touch. She is also a professional in her field. Fia-Li works as an master embroiderer of church textiles with her own company and all. She held the popular gold-embroidery-workshop at BoW and as if that was not enough, she impresses me by working with many other techniques and materials, not only textile crafts. She is a member of an peasants-at-arms company in southern Sweden, Bondeuppbådet. Her blog is about her life in general and her crafting, reenactment and living history in particular.

Now, there are so many other bloggers worthy of mentioning here! But then I would have to stay up all night writing, so for this time these three will have to be enough.

/ I.

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  1. hei Ida!

    I am so happy about you writing in english :)
    Ps. you are also a very brave woman... Johan send me a link to SEU´s new film and I saw you on expedition ;)