måndag 12 december 2011

Dare to be playful!

I've got a new phone. I choosed one with a good camera in it and I hope that it will deliver nice pictures for my blog in the future. To protect my new companion from my general clumsiness and make it more comfortable in the winter weather, I've made it a needlebound cover in indigodyed yarn.

At first I had no plans for decorations of any other kind than a nice big button in mother of pearl, a simple, classic look for handmade stuff. But just as I was to sew on the button to the finished cover, I had a vison of the little lid of the cover looking a bit like a face. Maybe of some kind of animal? Hm.

Suddely the original plan of no decorations seemed extreemly boring and not so personal and intresting at all.
As I decided to go with the feeling the craftsdevil got me.

Mad bunny.

The little nose is a button coverd in black cloth, the "piercings" is chainmail rings and the handle is a leftover pice of my reconstructed tabletwoven London-finding in silk from late1400-something. (Yes, the ears haven't been fulled yet, maybe I'll do it later...) It all comes together very nicly, I think. I suppose it is a good lesson for me not to be so serious and planned out with everything. I realize now that sometimes it is best to let go and just go with the feeling, and dare to be a bit playful with your craft.

/ I.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Funny bunny and great craftsmanship! And I am with you on that playfulness part;-) it´s a big motivation for me, too (I do a bit of blacksmithing, woodcraft and bushcrafting, but for knitting my fingers are a bit too clumsy. I tried tabletweaving once and totally messed up my brains by it, not good for me*ggg). Anyway, loads of great stuff over here!

    I follow you now on Fimbulmyrk.blogspot.com.

  2. Oi den er kjenpefiiin :D jeg har akkurat begynt å nålbinde, kanskje jeg kan lage noe sånt om en stund!